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🚀 Above the Fold: "Ars Longa, Vita Brevis, Twitter Aeternum" ~ 🟰 2. International Women's Day in the Volta Region ~ 🗣️ 3. Upcoming Ransomeware Presentation at The CISO Summit 2023 ~ 🚓 4. San Diego County "Teacher of the Year" Arrested ~ 📵 5. The One Where Teachers Are Racist in WhatsApp
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TCP Episode 130 -- Cybertraps: Educator Vacation and Beach Photos

Jethro Jones and Frederick Lane discuss the cybertraps associated with vacation and bikini photos by educators.

TCP Episode 129 -- Social Media Monitoring: Can It Prevent School Shootings?

Jethro Jones and Frederick Lane discuss the digital investigation into the recent school shooting in Uvalde, TX and explore the role played by social media.

TCP Episode 128 -- When You're Curious, You're Learning, with Greg Behr and Ryan Rydzewski

Jethro Jones and Frederick Lane interview authors Greg Behr and Ryan Rydzewski about their new book, "When You're Curious, You're Learning."

TCP Episode 127 -- Preventing Educator Abuse of Children with Dr. Charol Shakeshaft

Jethro Jones and Frederick Lane interview Dr. Charol Shakeshaft about her research on educator sexual abuse of children and what can be done to combat it.
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[C4EMD] Chapter Eleven

The Cybertraps of Labor, Birth, and Birth Announcements

[C4EMD] Chapter Ten

Social Media Cybertraps During Pregnancy

[C4EMD] Chapter Nine

Your Little Bundle of Data

[C4EMD] Chapter Eight

Technology and Health Risks to the Fetus
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