The Cybertraps Podcast

TCP Episode 125 -- EdTech Breaches: What You Need to Know

Jethro Jones and Fred Lane discuss the data breach suffered by Illuminate Education affecting the privacy of at least 1 million students.

TCP Episode 124 -- Should You Use Tech to Track Your Child's Movements?

Jethro Jones and Frederick Lane discuss the practical and ethical implications of using technology to track children.

The Cybertraps Podcast: Guide to Episodes 51 through 100

Six months of great guests and fascinating topics.

The Cybertraps Podcast: Guide to Episodes 1 through 50

A listing of Episodes 1 through 50.

[C4EMD] Chapter Eleven

The Cybertraps of Labor, Birth, and Birth Announcements

[C4EMD] Chapter Ten

Social Media Cybertraps During Pregnancy

[C4EMD] Chapter Nine

Your Little Bundle of Data

[C4EMD] Chapter Eight

Technology and Health Risks to the Fetus
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