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Cybertraps for Educators Digest
Outdoor Dining with Cats, Accra, Ghana [Frederick Lane, March 2023]

Frederick Lane ~ 23 March 2022

This C4E Digest is 2,275 words, or approximately a 9-minute read.

My second week in Accra was relatively quiet. On Monday, March 13, I had the chance to meet the senior leadership of the Cyber Crimes Unit of the Ghana Police Service. We had an interesting discussion regarding the various types of online crimes they deal with in Ghana and the software tools they use to investigate them. Particular areas of concern include online fraud and the harassment/trafficking of children.

On Tuesday, my host Awo Amenyah arranged a visit to Primus Hybrid School, a private school of about 500 students on the eastern side of Accra. We visited a class of 5th and 6th grade students and had a very engaging conversation with them about their use of technology and their concerns about online activity. The students focused on the one-sidedness of software Terms and Conditions, the potential misuse of their personal information by tech companies, the potential for bullying, and so on.

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