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Cybertraps for Educators Digest

Cybertraps Summer 2023 Webinar Series ~ Above the Fold: 1st Grader Records In-Class Sexual Assault ~ 2. The Cellphone Ban Debate Continues ~ 3. Teacher Pepper-Sprayed after Confiscating Phone ~ 4. MPS Data Breach: "Worst Case Scenario" ~ 5. Teachers Face Economic Threats and Moral Dilemmas

Cybertraps for Educators Digest
"No Lifeguard on Duty," Main Beach, East Hampton, NY [Frederick Lane, 2023]

By Frederick Lane ~ 11 May 2023

Cybertraps Summer 2023 Webinar Series

Join Frederick Lane and NASDTEC for our upcoming webinar series, "Cybertraps in Education: Navigating Personal and Professional Risks," in which we explore the hidden dangers and potential consequences of digital technologies in education.

This six-part series of 30-minute webinars will cover a range of topics, from the risks of posting vacation photos on social media to the challenges posed by emerging technologies and the complexities of the First Amendment in the digital age.

Through practical strategies and best practices, we will offer guidance for navigating these risks and creating a culture of cybersafety in your school. Whether you are an educator, administrator, or stakeholder in the education community, this series is an essential guide for navigating our rapidly-shifting digital landscape and protecting yourself and your organization from the potential cybertraps that lie ahead. Be sure to block off time for these compelling topics:

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