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Show Notes

The Uvalde School Shooting -- A Trove of Social Media Content
  • Gunman posted ominous photos of rifles and other messages on Instagram
  • He privately messaged a young woman that he planned to attack an elementary school
  • He used Yubo to threaten school shootings and show off a rifle
  • Social media is one element of a complex problem
  • Uvalde already used security tech, including:
    ** Raptor Technologies, for monitoring visitors
    ** Social Sentinel, for identifying social media threats
  • Challenges posed by new, less-easily monitored online channels
    ** Increased use of end-to-end encryption even on more well-established sites, like WhatsApp, Apple Messenger, Signal, etc. Facebook wants to make E2E encryption the default for Instagram and Facebook Messenger as well. Law enforcement is opposed.
    ** FaceTime
    ** Yubo
    ** Snapchat
    ** Instagram direct messaging
    ** Discord
    ** Twitch
    ** "They are fundamentally designed to keep communications private, presenting different challenges than Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, where violent screeds and videos have been algorithmically amplified to millions of viewers."
    ** "The way that generation uses social media more generally could render years of work to spot and identify public signs of upcoming violence obsolete, social media experts warn."