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TCP Episode 129 -- Social Media Monitoring: Can It Prevent School Shootings?

Jethro Jones and Frederick Lane discuss the digital investigation into the recent school shooting in Uvalde, TX and explore the role played by social media.

TCP Episode 129 -- Social Media Monitoring: Can It Prevent School Shootings?
"Love Is Louder," Governor's Island, Manhattan, NY (2022)
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Show Notes

The Uvalde School Shooting -- A Trove of Social Media Content
  • Gunman posted ominous photos of rifles and other messages on Instagram
  • He privately messaged a young woman that he planned to attack an elementary school
  • He used Yubo to threaten school shootings and show off a rifle
  • Social media is one element of a complex problem
  • Uvalde already used security tech, including:
    ** Raptor Technologies, for monitoring visitors
    ** Social Sentinel, for identifying social media threats
  • Challenges posed by new, less-easily monitored online channels
    ** Increased use of end-to-end encryption even on more well-established sites, like WhatsApp, Apple Messenger, Signal, etc. Facebook wants to make E2E encryption the default for Instagram and Facebook Messenger as well. Law enforcement is opposed.
    ** FaceTime
    ** Yubo
    ** Snapchat
    ** Instagram direct messaging
    ** Discord
    ** Twitch
    ** "They are fundamentally designed to keep communications private, presenting different challenges than Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, where violent screeds and videos have been algorithmically amplified to millions of viewers."
    ** "The way that generation uses social media more generally could render years of work to spot and identify public signs of upcoming violence obsolete, social media experts warn."
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