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TCP Episode 128 -- When You're Curious, You're Learning, with Greg Behr and Ryan Rydzewski

Jethro Jones and Frederick Lane interview authors Greg Behr and Ryan Rydzewski about their new book, "When You're Curious, You're Learning."

TCP Episode 128 -- When You're Curious, You're Learning, with Greg Behr and Ryan Rydzewski
Turtles in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY (2022)
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Show Notes

  • whenyouwonder.org
  • 1–4–3 day in PA – 143rd day in the year.
  • Get their book: When You Wonder, You’re Learning: Mister Rogers' Enduring Lessons for Raising Creative, Curious, Caring Kids
  • Origin story – Gregg and philanthropy Grable Foundation
  • Translating learning from the learning sciences
  • Sound like script writers in Fred Rogers.
  • Remake learning network – Learning landscape.
  • Rogers took the tech of his day and asked how can I make this good
  • Fred Rogers wanted to use the technology of his day to minister to kids.
  • Eric Erickson – identity development
  • How can people do things like what Fred was doing in his time?
  • How do I make what is attractive to kids good and constructive?
  • So many people who can and should carry the work of Fred forward. We’ve got to lift those examples up.
  • Go to church, go to a concert, go to a sporting event, go to school
  • The agony of creation.
  • Everything Fred was doing clearly had a purpose.
  • Fred bridged theory and practice in a powerful way.
  • Curiosity, collaboration, creativity
  • The Parables of Peanuts
  • Whole child plus learning sciences equals = The Fred Method
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