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TCP Episode 127 -- Preventing Educator Abuse of Children with Dr. Charol Shakeshaft

Jethro Jones and Frederick Lane interview Dr. Charol Shakeshaft about her research on educator sexual abuse of children and what can be done to combat it.

TCP Episode 127 -- Preventing Educator Abuse of Children with Dr. Charol Shakeshaft
A Small Herd of Deer, Southampton, NY (2022)
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Show notes

Dr. Charol Shakeshaft is a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University who studies the prevalence of educator sex abuse towards students and tools for prevention.

Discussion Topics
  • How much abuse of kids is happening and has it gotten better?
  • Why has there been so much scandal around the catholic church and so little around
  • The power of grooming students, colleagues, parents, etc.
  • Uninterrupted and unobserved time with students.
  • Much still occurs in the school fact to face.
  • We don’t know how much this is happening, nor do we know whether it is increasing or decreasing.
  • UAWW data surprisingly showed that students had been touched inappropriately by adults, when the study was looking for peer interactions.
  • 10% of kids report being sexually abused by a teacher or administrator
  • People don’t want to fund research in this area.
  • Predominant genders involved
  • Districts are very closed when these things happen and don’t allow much to be said.
  • Organizational decisions that get made about what is reported or disclosed.
  • Structural issue rather than an individual issue.
  • Challenges of a school system: not judging a colleague, closed rooms, nobody
  • Did you see the signs? Why didn’t you say anything?
  • The culture is such that they don’t feel safe saying something.
  • SESAME Organization
  • 133 superintendents – Too much passing the trash. We took care of the problem so “our” kids would be safe.
  • By not saying anything, we are giving people permission to expand a prediliction
  • Schools don’t just allow this to happen, schools help people find this in themselves.
  • “It must be OK” if adults aren’t calling it out.
  • Pay attention to how a student reports. Kids don’t say it straight up.
  • Think of addictions, and what sets people up for doing that addiction.
  • Start out being lonely and then it leads to another thing.
  • Prevention – look at the organization – Policies (do they follow them?), Training (not just mandatory reporting), Hiring practices (not calling references), Response
  • Grant from the Centers for Disease Control to study the effectiveness of Presidium training
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