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TCP Episode 118 -- The Pandemic, Technology, and the Mental Well-Being of Children

Jethro Jones and Frederick Lane discuss the impact of technology and the pandemic on child mental health.

TCP Episode 118 -- The Pandemic, Technology, and the Mental Well-Being of Children
Pump House, Massapequa Lake, Massapequa, NY (2022)
Table of contents

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Show Notes

Increased Use of Technology
  • A Global Issue
  • Explosion in the Use of Technology for Remote Learning
  • General Increase in Screen Time
  • Algorithmic Rabbit Holes
Scope of the Problem
  • 90% of Kids Are Regular Social Media Users
  • Impact of Pandemic on Mental Well-Being of Children in General -- Almost Certainly Bad
    ** Some Disagreement as to Role of Technology and Social Media
  • Particular Challenges for Girls
  • Rise in Loneliness and Suicide Attempts
Issues and Concerns
  • Access to Inappropriate Materials on Poorly Set-Up School Devices (or Personal Devices)
  • Impact on Student Privacy
    ** What Are the Search Terms Used by the School to Flag Messages or Searches?
  • Emerging Technologies: Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence
  • Reasonable Limits on Screen Time for Children
  • Possible legislation by U.S. Congress and EU to force tech companies to do a better job protecting children
  • Increased surveillance of children by schools?
  • Better training of school employees to recognize symptoms and warning signs
  • More effective education regarding mental health; destigmatize
  • Encourage students to seek help for themselves or their classmates
  • Mental health days?
    ** Not going to school may not be the best answer


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