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Now Available: Cybertraps by Frederick Lane

Commentary and Analysis of the Challenges Facing Children, Parents, Educators, and Others in the Digital Era

Now Available: Cybertraps by Frederick Lane
“Fortitude,” New York Public Library, Manhattan, NY (2021) [Frederick Lane]
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Salve Mundo! Welcome to the launch of The Cybertraps Newsletter by Frederick Lane. Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be writing about

Everything children, parents, educators, and others need to know about the risks arising from the use and misuse of digital devices.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be testing out the platform with some sample posts for free and paid subscribers before settling into a regular publishing schedule in 2022. I look forward to your comments and feedback.


The newsletter is designed to be an ongoing companion to my series of books about the risks of digital devices:

Cybertraps for Educators 2.0 (2020)

Raising Cyberethical Kids (2017)

Cybertraps for Expecting Moms & Dads (2017)

Cybertraps for Educators (2015)

Cybertraps for the Young (2011)

I hope that this newsletter (and the occasional in-depth articles) will serve a number of purposes:

  1. To provide a outlet for my thoughts on some of the emerging issues for educators, administrators, children, and parents that I identify through my research in the areas of cybersafety, cybersecurity, and cyberethics;

  2. To provide educators and administrators with a regularly updated list of topics to guide professional development regarding the use of digital devices, electronic communication, social media, and other tech tools in the school environment;

  3. To offer insight into the revisions and additional material I will be using for the forthcoming update to my book, Cybertraps for Educators 3.0 (June 2022);

  4. To alert readers to new episodes of "The Cybertraps Podcast" and provide links to relevant past episodes; and

  5. To provide a forum for collecting tips and discussing cybertraps with readers around the world.

Free Weekly Updates

One or more times per week (apart from occasional business trips and holidays), I’ll highlight and comment on various examples of cybertraps. Initially, my primary focus will be on incidents involving educators, administrators, and parents. Periodically, however, I’ll add posts addressing Cybertraps for the Young, Cybertraps for Expecting Moms & Dads, and others.

Free subscribers will receive an email alerting them to new posts. They will also have access to the last month of posts.

Subscription Plans for Cybertraps Supporters

In addition to the emails sent to free subscribers, paid subscribers (just $5/month or $50/year) will receive the following additional benefits:

  1. Access to periodic posts providing in-depth analysis of and resource guides for specific cybertraps. The bulk of the posts will be focused on educator cybertraps but there will be material for school administrators and school boards, parents, students, and others at risk as well;

  2. Access to the full archive of posts for The Cybertraps Newsletter;

  3. The ability to participate in the Cybertraps community by commenting on posts and replying to the comments of others; and

  4. Karmic satisfaction for supporting independent scholarship and the goal of promoting cybersafety in the home, our schools, and the workplace.

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