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Cybertraps for Educators Digest

🕵🏻 Above the Fold: Beware the Power of Student Investigators ~ 📱 2. Teacher Solicitation Recorded for TikTok? ~ 📚 3. Share QR Code, Lose License? ~ 🤖 4. Teachers Want to Use AI Too! ~ 🎗️ 5. A Great Reminder

Cybertraps for Educators Digest
"No Parking," Brooklyn, NY [Frederick Lane, 2023]

By Frederick Lane ~ 28 April 2023

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🕵🏻 Above the Fold: Beware the Power of Student Investigators

On December 1, 2022, a teacher at Central Valley High School in Spokane Valley, WA complained to school administrators that she was being harassed online. McKenna Kindred, 24, said that she had received a message on her jewelry business Instagram account that accused her of an inappropriate relationship with a student.

Oops. Kindred's report triggered an investigation by the Spokane County Sheriff's Department, which began interviewing students in the school. One teen told a deputy that a friend had visited with Kindred while the teacher's husband was away on a hunting trip.

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